Roots to Fruit

Roots to Healthy Horticulture

Healthy Horticulture

Therapeutic horticultural at Roots to Fruit is about helping those who use the facility in different ways. We aim to improve self esteem and communication by involving candidates within the running and maintenance of a real plant nursery that is open to the public. They will gain hands on experience in creating retail displays and serving customers. They will be involved with the day to day running of the nursery by maintaining the shop and selling areas though weeding, watering sweeping and tidying up.

We can design and deliver horticultural activities that will help to build confidence improving health and well being through outdoor gentle exercise. The projects aims to improve mind, body and soul through planning, carrying out and completing creative gardening projects as well as growing plants and vegetables from seed to harvest.

There is also an opportunity to gain an Entry Level 2 and Entry Level 3 qualification (optional not compulsory) accredited by ABC Awards in Horticulture. Students can receive recognition based on a national frame work for the skills they develop. This can enable progress to higher qualifications to help towards a place within the world of work.

Attendance and Costs
Maximum of one day per week We can cater for a wide range of unique needs. There will be an admission process which will be used in order to implement a strategy for providing the best kind of support and activities to suit individual needs. Costs start at £20.00 per day (price for activities associated with the day to day running of the nursery) the service will suit those with a disability who are receiving a personal budget.

There will be a maximum of 8 candidates per facilitator.